Sizing for kurtas is such a cornerstone of what we’re selling that we’re giving it a whole page of actual descriptions. We hope this helps you make a decision. There’s also a sizing guide at the end.


Get the small if you’re thin and/or under 5’8, . They’re on the slim side and will fit you like a glove and also stop at your knees.



Medium is our most versatile size.

“But I’m built like Captain America, normal Indian clothes don’t fit me”

Have no fear, everything is cut for Western builds. The above was what my friend who’s 5’9 and has giant biceps said and it fits him awesomely and stops at his knees. He was amazed that for the first time any nice clothes, especially a kurta, fit so well and stretched with him. The medium also fits my dad who’s kind of thin with some extra stomach, but 6 feet tall. It also stops at his knees.



Get the large if you’re an average build and 6’2 with long arms and especially if you’re a big guy. Same with if you’re 5’10 and on the bigger side. It stops at the knees for both of these builds. Don’t worry, these have a good amount of stretch to fit you and all the delicious wedding food too.



The pants are one size fit all whether you’re 6’2 or 5’5. The difference is whether you care about bunching at the ankles, but they’re tapered so you don’t need safety pins! They’re also very stretchy so they’re easy to get on and off around your feet. We designed everything with you in mind.


Standard sizing guide:

Kurta Sizing Guide Chart
Kurta Sizing Guide Chart