Congratulations probably non-brown person!

You’re getting to go to your first Indian wedding! I’m assuming you live here in the US if you’re reading this. Up until now, you’ve probably only heard about how awesome they are. Well, now that you’ve been inducted into the club, here’s the secret. They really are as amazing as you imagine. But now you probably have more questions than answers. Have no fear.


Here are 7 tips for attending your first Indian wedding:
  1. Pack for up to 3 days of wedding activities and ask what to wear. This article published on has great tips
  2. Avoid wearing mostly white or black as these can either be inauspicious or worn for mourning.
  3. Most of the women there will be referred to as “aunties” and the men as “uncles”. Understand that they are probably not actual relatives.
  4. Prepare to be amazed by the sheer scale and awesomeness of it all. A typical wedding has about 500 guests and each event will have it’s own separate invitation and rituals.
  5. Eat everything! You’ll likely try Indian food you’ve never seen or heard of before. It’s all delicious.
  6. Bring a cash gift rather than a boxed gift.
  7. Dance! Have fun and learn some Bhangra moves ahead of time. If you can’t, don’t worry. They’re pretty easy to pick up while you’re there. Check out our kurtas and pants so that you’ll be appropriately dressed for each of the wedding activities and will stay comfortable and dry throughout the entire event while looking awesome.
Now, the bride and groom will probably offer to buy you your clothes since they are generous and gracious hosts and because it’s a pain to buy Indian wedding clothes here in the US.

If you do try to buy it yourself, it’ll take 6-8 weeks of shipping from India and there is no customer service or return policy. Now, there are stores in select cities here in the US, but it’s the same stuff you get from India, which is hot, uncomfortable, and requires special care. They also always require safety pins to be the right size and don’t have things like pockets. Let Haathi Cloth take care of you and help you look and feel awesome. Trust us, you’re going to get tons of compliments. If you have to pass on our offer for now, no worries. Go have tons of fun and welcome to the club!