1. What are your kurtas and pants made out of?

    Our kurtas and pants are made from extremely soft, but extremely high-quality, breathable technical fabric that is 87% nylon and 13% spandex. We looked at about 40 different fabrics before choosing this one and we promise you’ll be amazed.

  2. Where are your kurtas and pants made?

    Our kurtas and pants, along with the prints and fabric sourcing, are all cut and sewn here in the US.

  3. Do the pants come with the kurta top?

    No, they must be purchased separately. However for being a loyal customer, we will include a FREE pair once you buy a total of 3 kurtas. These can be purchased all at once or separately at any time.

  4. Are you kurtas wrinkle-free?

    Our kurtas are made from fabric that is somewhat wrinkle resistant, but can easily come out by throwing it into the dryer for about 5 minutes or even ironing it on the Nylon, low temperature setting.

  5. Can these be ironed?

    Even over the foil design? Soft wrinkles happen and we have indeed tested it and yes, this can be ironed on the lowest temperature setting (Nylon). Iron over the design parts after flipping the kurta inside out. If you iron over the design directly, it’ll still be ok. Check out this video of this ironing test if you’d like.

  6. How long does the print last?

    We use a specially formulated ink that bonds tightly and even stretches with the technical fabric. In our testing, the foil print has lasted through about 25 wash and drying cycles without peeling or cracking. So unless you’re going to a wedding every week, this means that this will look shiny and new for 2-3 years.

  7. Does the cloth fade?

    We sourced fabric that is made to be run through the washing machine with minimal fading. However, you should always wash it with like colors on the cold water and gentle cycle setting for maximum longevity.

  8. Can I get a custom logo on the back for my DJ crew or groomsmen?

    Yes, please contact us at sales@haathicloth.com or 314-919-7924 to discuss timelines and pricing.

  9. Do you ship outside the US?

    At this time we are only offering shipping in the US. However, we are open to shipping outside the US, but will need to work with you on the logistics and details. Please contact us at sales@haathicloth.com so that we can figure it out.

  10. Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes, for a limited time we are offering free shipping in exchange for your sharing our page on your Facebook or Instagram.

  11. Do you offer free returns?

    Yes, for some reason if you don’t love your Haathi Cloth kurta, we will provide a free return label

  12. What is your refund and exchange policy?

    We will only offer refunds or exchanges for unused kurtas and pants within 14 days of receiving it. If we find that customers are abusing this policy, we’ll have to change it.

  13. Do you offer any deals?

    Yes! While we don’t have sales, we do offer incentives for purchasing more items.

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