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How Haathi Cloth Started

When buying a mens kurta in the US for an Indian wedding, you can pretty much only get it from three places: when visiting relatives in India, online and shipped from India, or some stores in only a few major US cities. However, they’re all pretty much the same. It’s time for something new and better. This is totally different from current materials, which are non-breatheable materials, such as silk or non-breatheable polyester, and are not machine washable. It is often very difficult, if not impossible to find a dry-cleaner that can wash this without ruining it. I faced this challenge when I went to my first Indian wedding. There had to be a better way.

Built from the ground up

After tons of testing, we make Haathi Cloth kurtas from the most ultra luxurious, super soft, high quality technical fabric that we could find to deliver breathable, super comfortable, and machine washable kurtas to you. Instead of embroidery, the designs for the collar and front are screen printed using a custom, specially formulated metallic ink that both stretches with the cloth and is machine washable. That is how we started Haathi Cloth. We can’t wait to help you stand out, be comfortable, and look awesome at every wedding. We accounted for every detail. Did we mention the kurtas and pyjama pants have pockets?? And everything fits and closes without safety pins??

Machine Washable to save you time and money

Owning a Haathi Cloth kurta is going to save you so much money and time while keeping you smelling great. With you going to multiple wedding and garba events each season, your regular kurtas get funky real quick. Within just a few washes, your investment has paid for itself. Consider the math:

With dry-cleaning:

Dry-cleaning = approx. $35

Time to get to dry cleaners and pickup = 1 hour

Average dry-cleaning turnaround time = 1 week

Potential for dry-cleaner loss or destruction = Cost of kurta+time to replace (difficult to quantify, but at least $150)

Average number of Garbas and weddings per season = 8

Even if you only wash all your existing kurtas just once or twice, assuming you have 4, you’re spending tons of your time and at least $150 in cleaning, discomfort, and maybe being a little less fresh than you’d prefer.


With Haathi Cloth:

Dry-cleaning = $0

Time spent washing = No extra time! Wash it inside out with your other dark clothing on gentle cycle. It’ll still look great through over a dozen washes without cracking or fading. Check out our FAQ page for more info.

Average turnaround time = 2 hours for washing and drying

Money saved per season = At least $150. Boom, it practically just paid for itself! And just as awesome, you look and smell amazing.

Beautiful packaging and Fast Delivery

You’ll receive this all in beautiful packaging as well, because you deserve better than a cellophane bag. We also ship you your kurta in days, not weeks, from right here in the US. Who doesn’t love fast, free US shipping? A set makes a great gift for family member, friend, or your significant other too. We take a lot of pride in our customer service, so feel free to drop us a line. We are constantly improving so we can constantly make owning a Haathi Cloth kurta better for you.

Premium Local Talent

We are proud to make our kurtas and pyjama pants domestically here in the US. Minneapolis is home to one of the largest populations of immigrants, including Somali and Hmong people, and a rich history of retail and manufacturing. Because of this, many highly skilled individuals live here and we hire them to create the highest quality kurtas in the world. We know every person involved in creating each and every stitch from the comfort of their own home and ensure they are paid a living wage. We are able to help our community, educate their kids, and keep quality high by keeping production local and making a premium product. Thank you very much for your support and business.


This is like nothing you’ve ever worn before. You’re going to smile as soon as you feel it in your hands. Click Shop to get yours today.